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perjantai, heinäkuu 10th, 2009

Elämä täynnä valintoja… // Life full of choices…

perjantai, toukokuu 15th, 2009

Hey everyone, did you hear? Olli’s moving to Helsinki! / Eenie Meenie…
(on the table: Helsinki and Tampere the good sides and the bad sides) / Olli is moving to the Big H!

Basically free work space with Crazy-Hanna in Tampere. (pretty close too!)
”Isn’t it so nice that we now have some routine in our lives?”
”NO! Now it feels like work!” /
”But didn’t we just agree during the summer that we both need to get
some more routine…” ”-hisses like a mad snake she is-


A not-so-free work place with Disco-Mary and Hande2D in Helsinki?
”-makes loud noises, like a fire truck or a cop car.-”
”Who’s that guy?”
”He’s Rane, he lives here now?”
”And why is Hande.. uh nevermind.”

”You could do better.” OR ”I love you just the way you are”

Depression out of deprivation OR Depression out of overabundance?
(Too much friends, too much sex, too many parties)

Romantic handholding at the overlook of Pyynikki? OR Wild games in the Teddy Park?

”It’s my turn AGAIN? But if I lose my sock, I will be completely naked!” ”Well but Olli. rules are rules..”

Kallis lipsahdus / An expensive slip-up

sunnuntai, huhtikuu 26th, 2009

Sori huono laatu! En vaan oikeen osannu/jaksanu värkätä kämppiksen koneella. 
Laita sähköpostia jos haluat mun tilitiedot lahjoitustasi varten. Kiitos. 

1. I spent the whole saturday night doing some geekery with Ismo. I dragged my
laptop to his place for the FIRST time. 2. ”There’s still time to do one more mission”
We woke up around 10AM next morning… 3. I was the first one to get up and so I went
to open my laptop… 4. ..And then it happens. 

1. (Strong emotions depicted) 2. ”I made a booboo”

1. ”You just had a freudian slip. You did really want a new one anyway”
2.(later in a shop where they sell Maclets:) ”I will buy anything because I’m
just that desperate.” 


maanantai, maaliskuu 16th, 2009

1.Woke up early. Headache./ Not depressed. Pissed off..                                   2.Drew a little (a man jerks off)

3.Made coffee. / (Yesterday the cat broke the coffeemaker.) Ticked off.  4.Now cat eats food with a straw.

Halpa kahvi ei oo aina hyvää..

tiistai, tammikuu 13th, 2009

1.So you are meaning to tell me that you only have the blog so you could get dates?

2. Well, yeaaaah? Why else would I even draw to begin with, it’s a dating ad for sure..

3. Just don’t tell that to your readers, they only want bad for you, and want you to keep on drawing no matter what!

4. There’s no way in hell I’ll be telling them that!

50 asiaa minusta-viikko osa 5 / My 50 things part 5

perjantai, marraskuu 7th, 2008

41. Lived on my own since I turned 16. ”Finally some privacy!” ”My name is Jouko. What’s your name?”

42. I have done improvisational theatre for 1,5 years. ”Raaah, I am a boot!” ”Oooh what a smeeel!”

43. I have given relationship advice to my friends, even though I last dated almost 5 years ago. ”Please, just break up…”

44. I have traveled 500km just for a date. ”Well, you never know…”

45. I’ve wrecked friendships by moving in together..

46. I passed the theoretical part of the drivers exam… ”I’m so ashamed!” ..on the FOURTH time around! (after they turned the timer off…)

47. I memorised the lyrics of the original pokemon theme song about five years ago! And I can still sing it backwards! (Though it would be cool to know the tune backwards too…)

48. I’ve told lies for others. ”Hey, please! Don’t make me lie to her… you know how bad I am at pulling someone’s leg!” ”Uh, hey Lellu, it’s your dad, he says he loves you…” ”Lovely!”

49. I have never been to a funeral. ”I gotta knock on wood so no one will ever die!”

50. I’ve spent way over half of my diary to do this list…

ps. It is so great that so many of you have started to do this thing! I love you guys! (girls are okay too..)

I kinda like the idea of a naked bear…

sunnuntai, marraskuu 2nd, 2008