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Miten tää ny menikään?

torstai, elokuu 28th, 2014



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lauantai, tammikuu 12th, 2013

Ainakin yksi hyvä asia…

lauantai, toukokuu 8th, 2010

Tänään on sitten hyvä päivä..

keskiviikko, heinäkuu 15th, 2009

Elämä täynnä valintoja… // Life full of choices…

perjantai, toukokuu 15th, 2009

Hey everyone, did you hear? Olli’s moving to Helsinki! / Eenie Meenie…
(on the table: Helsinki and Tampere the good sides and the bad sides) / Olli is moving to the Big H!

Basically free work space with Crazy-Hanna in Tampere. (pretty close too!)
”Isn’t it so nice that we now have some routine in our lives?”
”NO! Now it feels like work!” /
”But didn’t we just agree during the summer that we both need to get
some more routine…” ”-hisses like a mad snake she is-


A not-so-free work place with Disco-Mary and Hande2D in Helsinki?
”-makes loud noises, like a fire truck or a cop car.-”
”Who’s that guy?”
”He’s Rane, he lives here now?”
”And why is Hande.. uh nevermind.”

”You could do better.” OR ”I love you just the way you are”

Depression out of deprivation OR Depression out of overabundance?
(Too much friends, too much sex, too many parties)

Romantic handholding at the overlook of Pyynikki? OR Wild games in the Teddy Park?

”It’s my turn AGAIN? But if I lose my sock, I will be completely naked!” ”Well but Olli. rules are rules..”

Eläimiä ulkomuistista..

lauantai, toukokuu 2nd, 2009